Magic Items

This is the master list of the party’s magic items, categorized by possessor.


Bag of Holding
This item, a medium sized bag made of lightweight yet tough leather, seems to open into a black abyss when peered into. Within the bag, there is a 64 cubic foot (4×4×4ft. with a 2ft total opening) space that can hold 500lbs of objects. Regardless of what it contains, the bag never weighs more than 15 pounds.

It is not watertight; any attempts to fill it with water will see the water simply run out the seams, as it would a normal sack. Nor is it indestructible or tougher in any way than a normal sack; one good slash with a sword will destroy it utterly.

If the bag is overloaded, pierced, or torn, it ruptures and spills its contents into the astral plane, becoming useless. If it is turned inside out, it will disgorge its contents, and cannot be used until turned right way around. There is enough air for 1 creature for 10 minutes; divide that by the total of any additional creatures. (2 people have 5 minutes…and a tight fit.)

it is inadvisable to place this item inside another extradimensional container.


Lesser Handwraps of the Frozen Seal
These leather handwraps, enscribed with seals by an elder elementalist monk, grant their bearer +1 on all attack and damage rolls, and add 1d6 cold damage to all unarmed strikes. For Sun Soul monks, this damage can apply to ki blasts as well, and thematically add a frost element to the attack’s appearance.


Stone of the Laughing Goze (ATTUNEMENT)
This intricately carved stone of Kaedish make is inscribed with a bright swirl on one side, and a laughing woman on the other. When held by a Bard, this stone feels warm and friendly, and fills you with the urge to inspire your party to greatness; this urge grants you 1 extra Bardic Inspiration die, which may be used in any way your class abilities allow you to use your own.

Magic Items

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