Cistrina Highstriker

OWS Initiate, Friend of Tagen Never


‘Human’ Paladin of the Ancients
Level 7

18 STR
10 DEX
15 CON
10 INT
17 CHA

AC 21
HP 42

+ 1 Longsword of Sharpness; One-Handed: + 7 ;15 slashing (-2 damage if dual wielding or 2h)
Dagger; + 6; 1d4 + 4 Piercing
14 STR Shortbow; + 2; 1d10 + 2 dmg

Boots of Speed: Highstriker can click her heels together (bonus action) and double her walking speed, clicking them again to deactivate the power. She may use this for a total of 10min per day.
Goggles of the Night: Highstriker has Darkvision up to 60ft.

Plate Mail (AC 18)
+1 Shield (AC + 3)

Athletics + 7
Intimidation + 6
Persuasion + 6
Religion + 3
Arcana + 3

Smite Nature’s Foe (Racial). Initiate Highstriker can cast the thunderous smite spell once per long rest; it is only effective against aberrations, constructs, humanoids, oozes, fiends, and undead. The damage increases to 3d6 at 6th level, 4d6 at 11th level, and 5d6 at 16th level. Wisdom is her spellcasting ability for this.
Divine Sense: Initiate Highstriker has 4 uses of this ability per long rest.
Lay on Hands: Initiate Highstriker can cure up to 20 points of damage per long rest.
Fighting Style: Dueling: Initiate Highstriker adds 2 damage to an attack made by a one-handed melee weapon, while wielding no other weapons.
Divine Smite: Initiate Highstriker can use spell slots to add dice of damage to a successful attack; 2d8 for a 1st level slot, +1d8 for higher slot levels.
Divine Health: Initiate Highstriker is immune to all disease.
Channel Divinity: Once per short or long rest, Initiate Highstriker can do one of the following:
Nature’s Wrath: As an action, cause a target within 10ft to make a STR or DEX (their choice) save or be snared by spectral vines until it frees itself. Snared targets recheck at the end of their turns.
Turn the Faithless: As an action, turn fiends and fey within 30ft who can hear her. Targets make WIS save and on fail are turned for 1min or until they take damage. Turned creatures must move as far away as they can, cannot be within 30ft of her, cannot take reaction, and may only use their action to Dash, attempt to escape an effect preventing their flight, or Dodge (only if they cannot run any further).
Extra Attack: Highstriker attacks twice when she uses the Attack action.
Aura of Protection: Highstriker and anyone within 10ft of her gain her Charisma modifier to all saving throws.
Aura of Warding: Highstriker and anyone within 10ft of her gain resistance to damage from spells.

6 Spells + 2 Oath
-Compelled Duel ©
-Protection from Evil and Good ©
-Wrathful Smite ©
-Heroism ©
-Bless ©
-Cure Wounds
-Ensnaring Strike (O)
-Speak w/animals (O)
-Moonbeam (O)
-Misty Step (O)

Warhorse (Redwood)
Chainmail Barding (AC 16)
Potion of Healing x2


Appearance: Brown hair, Tan skin, Black eyes, 5’9", athletic build. Imagine Ronda Rousey or another successful, attractive MMA fighter, and you’re in the neighborhood. She looks like she could kick any individual PC’s ass, and probably could.

Cistrina Highstriker has been with OWS for most of her life, starting from her teenage years forward. She appears to have a slowed lifespan for a human, and an eye color unnatural to them, but perfectly natural to her fey heritage. As far as she has ever claimed, she is human, as the truth of her heritage might cause scandal within the order’s ranks; fey are one of the problems they have trained to deal with, and many paladins of the Order have come to view all fey as enemies. She has lied for her own safety.

In combat, she prefers to single out a target and fight them one-to-one. She uses Channel Divinity to lock down and isolate a secondary danger; if needed, she will cast Compelled Duel to force the engagement. Once engaged, she uses her combat magic effectively, casting Smite and Strike spells to great effect after forcing the restrained status on the target, taking advantage on her rolls to maximize hit chance. Should the enemy escape or resist Channel Divinity, she has Ensnaring Strike for a second attempt.

Cistrina Highstriker

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