Behanna Bee Zolerii

Eladrin Bard


Name: Bee
Race: Eladrin
Class: Bard 7/Rouge 1
Level: 8
XP: 23055/34000

STR: 8 (- 1)
DEX: 16 (+ 3)
CON: 12 (+ 1)
INT: 14 (+ 2)
WIS: 10 (0)
CHA: 15 (+ 2)

HP: 51(1d8)
AC: 16
Proficiency: + 3 Dex

Passive Insight: 10
Passive Perception: 10

Inspiration: +2


Shortsword 1d8 2/6
Oathbow 1d8 (+3d6 piercing to sworn enemies)



~Acrobatics: 7
~Animal Handling: 4
~~Arcana: 9
Athletics: – 1
~Deception: 6
~History: 6
~~Insight: 7
~Intimidation: 6
~Investigation: 6
Medicine: 1
~~Nature: 9
~Perception: 4
~Performance: 8
~~Persuasion: 9
~Religion: 6
Sleight of Hand: 4
~Stealth: 7
~Survival: 4

Thieves tools

Weapons & Armor


Bardic Inspiration
Jack of All Trades
Song of Rest
Cutting Words
Sneak Attack


Cash: 0pp 0gp 7sp 0cp

Carry Weight: 120lb

Shortsword 1d8 2/6
Dagger 1d4 finesse 20/60
Longbow 1d8
Oathbow 1d8 (+3d6 against sworn enemies)

33 Arrows

Studded Leather 12 + Dex Mod +1 13lb

Thieves tools

Shortsword 1d8 2/6
Piccolo 1lb
Lute 2lb
Wooden Staff 4lb
Dagger 1d4 11lb Finesse 20/60
Leather Armor +2 Dex 13lb
Longbow 1d8 2lb
Shard of obsidian
Backpack 5lb (holds up to 30lb of gear)
Bedroll 7lb
2 costumes 4lb ea. (3rd age soldier clothes)
5 candles
5 days rations 2lb ea.
Waterskin 5lb
Disguise kit 3lb
Newfie (Newfoundland) 40ft Speed; 195lb Carrying weight (Foster)
Pack Saddle for Foster up to 30lb
Moss Agate
Coral Hair Piece
Potion of Water Breathing
Seelie Court Ring
Ring of Resist Poison
Dispel Magic Scroll
Tan Bag of Tricks
Pair of Sending Stones
Surveyor’s Rod
Gold Pouch Satcrel- Dwarvish Runes “First Bank”, worn leather
Flat palm sized stone
Thieves Tools
Knock Spell
Bag of Holding
Obsidian Cyphor
Polished stone dice
Well cut beautiful sapphire that glows (GET CHECKED OUT)
Oil of Infernal Espionage (Potion) (one way mirror, 1oz)
Boots of Elvinkind
Scroll of Cure Wounds cast at level 3. Belonged to a Dragon Knight
Magic War Horse
Healing Potion x3
Superior Healing 3rd tier
Potion f Protection from Poison
Potion of Barksin
Golden Lions (pair)
Silver Raven
Quiver of Ehlonna
Circlet of Basting
Cloak of Elvinkind


Cantrips Known #
Chill Touch
Dancing Lights
Minor Illusion
Poison Spray

Spells Known #
Level 1
Cure Wounds
Faerie Fire
Speaks with Animals
Dissonance Whispers
Inflict Wounds

Level 2
Misty Steps
Phantasmal Force
Plant Growth

Level 3
Plant Growth
Hypnotic Pattern
Spirit Guardians

Level 4


Picking at the leaves on a broken branch, Bee couldn’t help but wish that she could sleep. Bee was only sixty-eight years old, hardly an adult elf, and yet she was as tired as an elder. Her face fell as a soft wind blew by and took a few pieces of leaves with it. From about 30 feet to her left she heard a medium sized animal, most likely a deer, moving through the forest, avoiding the clearing that Bee was sitting in.

p. An image flashed before her eyes, and image of her parents burning to death in front of her, as she was being carried away. Bee hunched forward, clenching her eyes shut, hoping that that would push the memory away. Grabbing the knife in her boot, she threw it into the ground, screaming.

Bee had been looking for the person that burned down her home, and her neighbor’s and killing a few people, including her parents. Bee wished that she could find them quicker, but no one knew anything in her village, so she went to the land to find her own clues. Right now, Bee was coming up short.

She stood up and wiped the tears from her eyes, grabbed her knife and started to walk away. There was a small village not to far, and she wanted to find a place to rest. Perhaps talk to, or harass some people there. Whatever it took. As she walked, she pulled out her small piccolo and started to play a small tune. A bird flew above her and sang with as she made her way to the village.

She noticed the outskirts of the village, and she hid behind a large bush. There were some humans in a small field close by, they were harvesting some food, completely oblivious to anyone or anything hiding in the outskirts of the forest. That is until they took a break and started to play a catch game between themselves. Bee watched closely as they played with a small rock, and one of them yelled at another and the human started to move towards the forest. Where Bee was hiding. All of a sudden, a rock landed a few feet infront of her. She looked up and transported to a tree branch above her just as the human came to retrieve the rock. He stood there for a second after he picked up the rock and looked around. As he turned around, Bee noticed he had a small knife on his hilt.

He walked back to the field and talked to one of the other guys, and pointed to where he just was, where Bee was just hiding. She looked down and noticed that she had left footprints, something very rare and stupid of her to leave. Bee couldn’t transport again, so she climbed up a little higher and hid herself better in the leaves. A few minutes later, three of them entered the forest below her. They looked around at each other, and then looked up, right at Bee.

p. “Hello friends,” she said with a cheeky grin. They all pulled out knives and one of them threw it at her. Bee moved just in time as it hit the branch she was hiding on. She jumped through the trees as fast as she could. She knew she was making a lot of noise, this wasn’t something she had mastered yet. Bee suddenly stopped in a very leafy tree, hoping that they would just give up. She slowly moved up the tree, not making a noise. If only they would listen to her! They ran past her, Bee didn’t move until she couldn’t hear or see them anymore. She slowly started to walk through the trees, back towards the village. p. Bee was second guessing this village now. They clearly did not like outsiders, but it could have just been the fact that she was hiding and spying on them. Bee was tired and really wanted a bed to sleep in though. Maybe a cooked meal. She heard footsteps approach from behind her and she stopped. The men were walking back, talking in a language that she didn’t quite understand. They didn’t notice her up in the tree, and Bee was grateful for that. p. Maybe the next town would be more welcoming. p. Bee’s father was an artist in my village, and her mother was into politics. They were separated by the time she was born, growing up with her mom, and occasionally seeing her father. Only when her mom allowed it or when she couldn’t bring Bee along to the meetings. Bee loved spending time with her father, he showed her how to make art, tell stories, gave her so many books containing poetry. He showed her how to be carefree and how to use a longbow incase of any danger. p.Bee’s mother on the other hand, taught her how politics worked and how to govern a village if needed. Not something Bee had any interest in, but she never told her mother that. She did enjoy their time away from politics. Her mother taught Bee about plants and magic. More things that she loved. p. Everyday, Bee wondered if her mother had anything to do with the fact that her village became ashes. She once heard her mother talking to another politician, late at night about matters that to this day, she couldn’t remember. All Bee remembered was that she got a bad feeling in her stomach and ran before she got caught. All she remembered was that a week later, her village, her parents, and her life was gone.

At the age of 30, Bee vowed to find the people that did this to her family, and her village. A few other Eladrin also escaped that night, the man that carried her out was a friend of her father’s. He went out for dinner one night, a few years after, and never came back. There were others but they all dispersed, and Bee had no knowledge of their whereabouts. Revenge obviously wasn’t something they wanted, unlike Bee. It’s all she could think about

Behanna Bee Zolerii

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