Dramorn Khalavar

Drow Gold Dragonblood Sorceror


Name: Dramorn Khalavar
Race:Drow Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 8
XP: 35,950/48K

STR: 8 (- 1)
DEX:15 (+ 2)
CON:14 (+ 2)
INT: 12 (+ 1)
WIS:10 (+ 0)
CHA:20 (+ 5)

HP: 57/57 (1d6) 4+con(+2)
AC: 17
Proficiency: + 3
Initiative: + 2

Passive Insight: 10
Passive Perception:13

Dramorn’s Dragon Soul List
+2 red dragon souls gives +2 all fire damage
+1 green dragon soul


STR: – 1

Q-staff: + 1 (1d6 – 1) (d8)
Dagger: + 4 (1d4 + 2) 20/60
Firebolt: + 5 (1d10) light fires
+2 to all Fire damage


Animal Handling: 0
Arcana: 1
Athletics: – 1
Deception: 8
History: 1
Insight: 0
Intimidation: 8
Investigation: 1
Medicine: 3
Nature: 1
Perception: 3
Performance: 8
Persuasion: 8
Religion: 4
Sleight of Hand: 2
Stealth: 2
Survival: 0

Herbalisim Kit
Disguise Kit

Weapons & Armor
Short sword
Hand Crossbow
Light Crossbow


Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Superior Darkvision: Your darkvision has a radius of 120 feet.
Sunlight Sensitivity: You have disadvantage on attack rolls and on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight when you, the target of your attack, at whatever you are trying to perceive is in direct sunlight.
+2 point Red Dragon Soul

Cash: 3880*GP* 202 CP 1 SP 20 PP



Quarterstaff 1d6
Dagger 1d4 (20/60)
Dagger 1d4 (20/60) jeweled hand guard with blue quartz and moss agate worth 30gp
Wand of the Warmage +1 ( +1 to attack rolls and ignore half cover)

Herbalism Kit
Disguise Kit

Backpack 4lbs
Bedroll 7lbs
Waterskin 5lbs full
Costumes x2
Candles x2
Rations x0
Winter blanket
Scroll case stuffed full of notes
Common clothes
1 ounce block made of unknown material
Spell Component Pouch
Mastiff dog named Caspian 5HP 13AC
Moss agate
Blue Quartz
Boots of Elven Kind- adv on Dex rolls, no walking sound
Dragon Talon on cord, one time use Fire Spray-5d6 fire cone
Iron Scroll Case
Red Dragon Wyrnling Scale x2
Jagged shard of grey crystal with flame trapped inside (one time use cypher) one time travel to known place
Scroll: Fireball
Cloak of Protection @ +1 AC & saving throws
Disease Pendant
Protection Ion stone @ +1 AC rose prism

Magic Items
Potion:healing x7
Potion:greater healing x1
Trinkets:Red Dragons Claw on cord- adv att roll until next turn
Jagged ShardPlatnium- acid damage adv att roll until next turn
Jagged Shard Saphire smeared black stuff- swim underwater breathing shot
Shard of black Crystal fire damage- adv STR checks until long rest
Iron shard on leather cord- +1 ranged att until short rest
Shard black glass warped by magic shot- transforms into raven until long rest
Suit and Gown for ball
x2 Kadish Silk gown for Merlara (Spring colors)
x2 Draconic spell scrolls unknown

Cantrips Known 9

  • Dancing Lights being drow
  • Fire Bolt
  • Produce Flame
    *Poison Spray
    *Chill Touch feat
    *Eldritch Blast feat
    *Ray of Frost
    *Acid Splash feat
    *Blade Ward

Spells Known 5

1st Level:

  • Burning Hands
  • Magic Missile
    *Comprehend Languages
    *Faerie Fire being drow
    *Hellish Rebuke feat
    *Witch Bolt

2nd Level:

*Scorching Ray
*Enhance Ability
*Misty Step

3rd Level

*Sleet Storm
*Lightening Bolt

4th Level

*Wallof Fire

LV1 4/4
LV2 3/3
LV3 3/3
LV4 2/2
Metamagic Spells
*Empowered Spell
*Twinned Spell

*Magic Initate


Hometown: Ofal Alari, in Eldenthris


  • Mother, Yulmanda Ulapetor-Khalavar, 580
    housewife and mother of 3
  • Father, Theodwin Khalavar, 600
    working hard as fisherman
  • Older Brother, Ehrendil Khalavar, 250
    traveling across the lands
  • Younger Sister, Faylen Khalavar, 50
    learning to practice the same kind of magic as Bee


  • Childhood Friend/Love interest, Merlara Torrora, 195
    • Her father, Rhuac’var Torrora
      was under a curse that made him turn against Dramorn and put a bounty on him, luckily curse was removed all is well

I am Dramorn Khalavar, second child of Theodwin Khalavar and Yulmanda Ulapetor, we all lived in Ofal Alari once. I am no longer welcome in my town. Once upon a time I was wooing the beautiful Merlara Torrora who is daughter of Rhuac’var Torrora. We would spent a lot of time together planing our future we would have. Sadly one stormy night her father caught us together and was furious. He did not approve of me because I was not only a sorcerer but a Dragon blood sorcerer. He had tried everything in his power to keep us apart until he finally hired some shady men to hunt me down for my golden scales. I was born with golden dragon blood from my father. Sadly our kind even among the drow were hunted often for our beautifully priceless scales that some would have. I was born with golden scales that ran down my chest and continued down the front of my thighs and legs. I could not in good conscience stay in my town and put my beloved in harms way. I made the choice once I found out to run and lead the hunters away from town and to hopefully keep my beloved safe.

Now I am on the run from those hunters who will stop at nothing to find me and bring their employer my scales. I have been running far to long and miss my family and my beloved Merlara. I hope to one day be able to return home and ask her to run away with me to a deserted place where no one will ever find us and grow old together. As of right now I am just trying to find somewhere to rest and resupply.

I was fortunate enough to find a group of traveling companions that happened to be going the same way as I, so I tagged along for the ride. I don’t mind most of them except one, Statt, I have to keep my eye on him. We have ventured into a goblin dungeon and survived some nasty things together. During our travels I have been asking around with barkeeps on information about my bounty. I have learned that the bounty is at 500GP and that I kidnapped Merlara says her father. Of course this is completely wrong, I would never hurt my love.

Our group has ventured south heading to Warm-wood Mill. We found some ruins and encounter some not so friendly creatures. After going down a trap door and killing a couple hell hounds, I heard a deep forceful male voice speaking in Dragonic saying, " Khalavar i will have the bounty for you of 600GP once you return from resting or I will find you and kill you in your sleep." Well we went upstairs to have a pow wow. I lied and said the bounty was only 200GP instead. Xiong knows I’m lying but doesn’t know just how much it really is. Thank Daloni that we survived the fight against the Red Half-Dragon and his two male commoner lackeys. Xiong almost left us for the big nap but then Bee saved him. After the fight I went and looked over the spot were the Half-Dragon had been. I am so very glad that I got there before anyone he had a wanted poster that showed it was now 600GP. I would have been in a bit of trouble if my party had found this out. I know we will encounter more bounty hunters and not all will only speak in a tongue that only I know. I might end up having to come clean to the party just to save my own skin before we hit a major town where they can over hear it.

After finding Highstriker and her deciding to stay while Statt left our group I was free to tell the truth.Before we set out on our trip I need to tell you all something…… So I came clean and they were happy that I did but understood why I kept it from them while Statt was around. It was a big leap of faith spilling it before Highstriker however. We set out and came across some ruins and Bee found this really weird kool ring that spoke to her saying the Faye was in need of help. We all decided we should head to the Faye lands to check out what was going on. As we traveled to Goldport to get more information on the way and also hoping I could maybe clear up my problems, we were ambushed by 20 men. we killed all but one who surrendered after seeing what happened to his buddies. we took him to Goldport with us to turn him over to the guard there. come to find out however he is a member of the guard and is taken but we are paid with free nights at the inn and drink at the bar and Bee got some kool new armor. I plan on looking around town to see what i can learn about my bounty and hopefully soon see my love once more. I do hope she doesn’t get to mad at me for the company i have been keeping in her absence.

We were able to make it to my hometown. As soon as I walked into town even while wearing my disguise for safety, Merlara knew it was me and stopped dead in her tracks just starring at me.I wanted to just run up to her but wasnt sure if it was safe. i walked to her and we planned to met in our special spot. It was everything not to hold and kiss her right there. I had to leave and took my friends to my families house. It had been so long that i knocked on the door and my mother answered to hug me. she welcomed us in and scolded me for being gone so long. She asked if I had seen Merlara yet I said yes we would meet later. Just as she was telling us my father was out on the boat my lil sister came in to run and tackle me. She had grown up a bit since I left. They told me my brother wasnt there he was traveling on the other side of the lands. That was good since we didnt see eye to eye. After I helped with dinner and introduced my friends I slipped out to see Merlara. It was like no time had passed at all as I walked, no ran to our spot. My heart skipped several beats when I saw her standing there under the moon light and waterfall. She looked so beautiful like an angel with her hair down to the mid of her back, dressed in that blue crimson dress I love so much, her eyes bright purple with hope filled in them as she finally able to be in my arms once more. We stayed the night there making up for our lost time. Come morning we made our way back to my house. Introductions were short as we found out it was her father who has been spreading the lies about me. It was time for me to talk with him to clear this up. Party with Merlara went to talk with her father. When we got there the guards out front almost wouldn’t let us in but Merlara got them to let us in promised no harm to anyone. Almost right away he came walking down the big stairs, right away we could tell something was wrong with him. Come to find out he had been placed under a curse. Bee was able to dispel the curse and we informed him on what had happened. He told us he didn’t remember a whole lot but that the unknown male person who had done this to him had dragon wings as well with wanting me dead. I have no idea of who he could be talking about. The rest of party showed up and we would be moving out soon. I had one last night with Merlara and this time as a free man in town. I explained to her that I had to go again and help my friends who had helped me clear my name, but that this time she knows i will be back. Plus Bee has message and I now can send letters when in towns. I needed to find this strange man who is hiding in the dark after me before we can get married. I wont put her in anymore trouble then I already have. I love and will miss you while I am away Merlara.

Dramorn Khalavar

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