In the Gods' Wake

Party Consumable List
Resorted by GM into categories


Holy Water x2 Tagen
Spider Venom (DC 11 CON save, 2d8 poison, 1/2 on successful save) x0
Firebreath- gives plus to fire damage for Dramorn (peppery red)
Water Breathing- Bee
Oil of Infernal Espionage (potion, one way mirror) Bee
(clear and scentless, emitting bubbles from surface of liquid) Tagen

Dispell Magic- Bee x0
Minor Illusion-
Hold Person-
Color Spray- blinds Dramorn
Fog Cloud- Dramorn
Hypnotic Pattern- Dramorn
Moon Beam- Tagen
Locate Object- Bee
Ring of Spell Storing- Beacon of Hope Lvl 3 spell and Blur Lvl 2 spell are loaded on ring Tagen
Fireball- spell DC 13 Dramorn
Create Food and Water x2- Tagen
Infernal Scroll of Animate Plant- Dramorn
Spell Scroll Unknownx8- Dramorn

For all potion descriptions check the Potions page.


Potion of Healing 8 Recover 2d4+2 HP
Potion of Greater Healing 1 Recover 4d4+4 HP
Potion of Superior Healing 1 Recover 8d4+8 HP
Elixir of Health 1 (Bee) Cure any disease and remove blind, deaf, paralyzed, or poisoned conditions
Scroll of Cure Wounds (Lv3 spell) 1 (Bee) Recover 3d8+3 HP
Scroll of Revivify 3 (Tagen) Revive a target that has been dead for 1 minute or less
Scroll of Remove Curse 1 (Tagen) Removes all curses from a touched target
Alchemical Antitoxin 1 Gives advantage on the user’s next save vs poison


Potion of Mage Armor 2 (Xiong) Set your AC to 13 + Dex Modifier
Potion of Barkskin 1 (Bee) Set your AC to 16 + Dex Modifier
Potion of Fire Protection 1 (Tor) Gain Resistance to fire damage, and advantage on DEX saves vs fire
Potion of Poison Protection 1 (Bee) End one active poison, gain Resistance to poison damage, and advantage on CON saves from poison effects
Potion of Lightning Protection 1 Gain Resistance to lightning damage, and advantage on DEX saves vs lightning
Potion of Protection from Evil/Good 1 (Bee) See Spell
Potion of Heroism 2 (Tagen) Gain 10 Temporary HP and the effects of the Bless spell
Scroll of Blur 1 (Tagen) Sight-based attackers are at disadvantage to hit target


Potion of Climbing 2 (Tagen)
Potion of Diminution
Potion of Growth 2 (1 Tagen, 1 party bag)
Potion of Mind Reading 1 (Dramorn) As the spell Detect Thoughts
Potion of See Invisibility 1 (Cistrina) See invisible or ethereal objects and creatures for 1hr
Potion of Bull’s Strength 1 (Tagen) Advantage on all STR checks and 2x carry capacity for 1hr
Potion of Cat’s Grace 1 (Tor) Advantage on all DEX checks and no fall damage from 20ft or less for 1hr
Potion of Eagle’s Splendor 1 (Dramorn) Advantage on all CHA checks for 1hr
Scroll of Longstrider 1 +10ft of combat speed



Potion of FIrebreath 1 (Dramorn) Breathe fire at target 30ft away for DC13 Dex, 4d6 fire. 3 times, or 1hr duration


Enemies Encountered/Killed

First Dungeon-Sunken Ruins
x17 Goblins
x5 Hobb-goblins
Ankheg boss bug thing
x8 Rats
x2 Rust Eaters
x3 Evil Violet Fungus
x4 Rabid dogs

On the Road
x2 Ogre
Large Wolf pack
Archer x6
Spearmen x7
Swordsmen x5
Pikeman Boss
Swordsman Boss
Sahuagin x10
Boa like snake x3
Dark Druids x2
Knolls x10
Knoll Leader
Red Wyrnling
Mephit x6
Zombie Beholder x4 atk #15
Ulmber Hulks x2 atck # 16
Hobb Goblins x3
Giant Spider atck #15
Drider atck #18
Ogre x2 atck #17
Ogre x2
Wolf Pack large
Archer x6
Spearman x7
Swordsmen x5
Pikeman Boss
Swordsman Boss
Sahuagin x10
Boa like snake x3
Dark Druids x2
Knolls x10
Knoll Leader
Vrock atck # 16
Humanoid attackers x4 atck# 17
Human Bandits x11 #17
Human Bandits x18 #16
Human Spearmen x10 #16
Human Swordsmen x3 #16
Human Archer x4 #16
Human Spellcaster #16
Dogs x8 #16
Human Spearmen x10 #16
Human Scythe x7 #16
Human Archer x4 #16
Human Spellcaster x2 #16
Human Boss Lady

Bear x7 #11
Werebear #16
Phase Spiders x4
Young Adult Green Dragon #18
Centar #13
Orcs x11 #13
Orc Leader
Displacer Beasts x5 #13 Leader #15
Purple Giant Scorpins x3 #16 sucks spell slots of casters
Orc Leader

Faye Castle
Imp x5 #13 tells jokes makes you frightned
Earth Elementals with purple crystals x4 #19 use lightning spells, cold doesnt work well
Purple Giant Crystal Scorpins x3 #17 immune to magic when its glowing, sucks spell slots from casters, use force magic
Mechanical Thing with sword #14 health about 90
Mechanical Thing Large with pick #18
Water Creature #14
Hag #14

x4 Dark Shadows
x2 Hell Hounds
x2 Commoners Male
Red Half-Dragon bounty hunter

Party Bag
by Dramorn

*Tagen owes Dramorn a favor of some kind in the future
*Draft horses and wagon Sir Elliot & Poseidon

walking order Bee on Elven Warhorse, Tagen riding Maple, Highstriker next to Dramorn in front of wagon, Dramorn driving the wagon, Xiong in rear of wagon watching the back.

Watch List
Highstriker & Zenicus
Dramorn & Arl
Tagen & Bee

Xiong sleeps the whole 8 hrs
Highstriker sleeps the whole 8 hrs

11,534 Crecents 1,830 Stars 4,501Crowns 130Drakes

rations x0 15g month
block and tackle
oil x3
chain 10ft
climbers kit and dungeon kit
fishing tackle
lamps x2
hunting traps
grappling hook
tents x3
replacement wagon parts
folding wooden box
25 sqft net

Staff focus (topped crystal ball)
Wand of Magic Missile
Highstriker has quiver of x13 arrows of Faye Bane
x60 + 1 arrows
small brass key that can open any lock mechanical one time use
bear pelts x5
very nice kitchen knife

Log Book
by Dramorn

Started in Southrim
Heading to Windy Plains
found the dungeon on our way
fought goblins, hobb-goblins, Ankheg, rats, rust eater, evil purple fungus
finished the dungeon yay
back to Southrim
met an elf woman got paid 50GP
got a Schimitar thrown at us from afar
Manticore appeared out of the grass

Southrim-small town
Sir Dora Kentor
Brass book Inn
Dusty Dragon Tavern
bought x2 draft horses and wagon named Sir Elliot and Poseidon
passed windy plains
got to Windbourne Temple at Lake Rowell
rode a ferry

Windbourne Temple is 3 stories,tall spire in center, best shrine around, library, barracks, apothacary, forge, stables and kennels, dogs +STR & DC, bars

checked in after quest
bought 5 guard dogs 20GP
Tagen got knighted and Dramorn had a date
Bee’s guard dog name is Kailen
bought wagon supplies
headed to windy plains
searching for missing initiate of the windward seed
got half way before encountering x2 ogres
made it to windy plains

Windy Plains- large town, major trade hub, population over 6,000, 4 tavern and Inns, church for Lebb and Swen, 4 stores-2 magic ones, tailor Ermod, stables, Travelers Haven, Belching Ogre, Redoak Inn

headed south toward Crane’s mill
go through southrim
ambushed by wolf pack killed them all
met Emmett and Martin, Bee recongized Emmett’s voice being one of the two figures that were near our camp last night they were heading to Crane’s mill also
arrived at crane’s mill only 1 Inn no bars
left Crane’s mill headed to Warmwood Mill in the south
encountered a Banshee hell bent on revenge towards drow elfs said they came up and took everything
Foster and Xiong found some kind of ruins or something
fought x4 dark shadow things

went back to wagon for a rest
Tagen heard person yell “ouch” during rest
went back to ruins
went in trap door
went left and found x2 hell hounds killed
guy spoke in Dragonic about killing Dramorn
guy is a red half dragon
he is with the 2 guys that we passed on the way to ruins
killed all 3 guys after Dramorn
Tagen found a secret door
Dramorn also shared with the party there is a bounty on him of 200gp which Xiong knows is a lie but isnt sure how much it really is
the party will help try to clear his name in the next large town

Search ruins and kill x2 Hook Horror
Continue to a wood elf town
Wood elf village named Rofaren mid size
stables, trades, hunting, leather,
Tagen found Highstriker
she was sick with a guise we dispelled the guise that was on her
she says she met a woman darkskin wearing red dress nice clothes in the forest
learned more about what happened to her
Statt decided to leave our party when Highstriker decided to join us heading south to the Faye lands
bought provisions for the trip
we all had some pretty weird bad dreams before heading out
left the village
ran into a small group of men Highstriker wanted to leave right away one of them was evil and she didnt like it
ran into a huge ambush by bandits killed about 20 guys
took a guy named Onvyr Umeric prisoner
made it to Goldport
Goldport largest port in the world, dwarves do business with the country that is like spain
many companies, security check at the gate
Dermig Coinchest Dwarve Guard Captian
Tagen is sending an order of armor to Innegroth will be waiting for us when we arrive
Dramorn asked around about bounty found out x2 bounty hunters- one half orc looking for rugedy looking wooden elf
Bought passage on a ship to Fort Mornarion
On our voyage, we were attacked by sea creatures killed them all before the guards came out lol
Reached Fort Mornarion

Fort Mornarion town
Older gentlman in green robes boards for an inspection
Huge fortress work of druids
Elven Goddesses, 150 yrs old to fight of pirates
Pirate siege 50 yrs ago
Expert theif rumor- the leaf shadow
Left for Innegroth

Encountered x3 Boa snakes awesome dinner thanks Xiong
Continued on and was attacked during the night by x2 Dark Druids
Met Turag a traveling merchant, we can use message to find him- warned us of a pale dark skinned guy using a bladless hilt to run the fuck away.
Ran into a Were Tiger bit Tagen. Tagen is now a Were Tiger oh joy
Dramorn has made it home finally just how he remembered it so long ago
Ofal Alari gaurds wearing silver color armor, about 1,000 people, general stores, magic shop
Tagen and Xiong took off to go find Xiong’s friend who was in need of help.
Dramorn, Bee and highstriker stayed in town to clear up Dramorns name
Party in town went to Torrora’s manson
Party dispels curse on Rhaac’var Torrora
he sends word to clear Dramorns name to the capital and the surrounding lands
Tagen and Xiong found the friend and an unkown person
Xiong changed back into a human looking good my friend
Dramorn finds out an unkown person wants him dead and this person has dragon wings

Party reconnects and sees Xiong as human and meets his friends female and male
Dramorn goes off with Merlara
Bee performs an aweome song about Dramorns name cleared
Tagen follows a sketchy guy finds out there was a trade of info possibly about Dramorn the guards are telling the info to him
Party talks and thinks the person after Dramorn might be connected with the troubles in the Fae lands
After some shopping we say our farewells and are on our way back to Innegroth
Fled from x2 metal bulls
Ran into a large amount of Knolls that we soon vanquished

Found forest on fire
Found a dungeon went into it ugh
Dragon and other creatures have encountered us
Party killed x6 Mephits and a red dragon wrynling
Dramorn gained +1 red dragon spirit yay
Saved Vis’alth, red half dragon fighter in a cell the dragon was gonna eat him.
Continued checking the dungeon and encountered a beholder zombie
continuing on and Tagen triggered a cage trap which separated the party Tagen & Dramorn on one side and the others on the other side as another beholder zombie shows its-self

Dramorn and Tagen continue forward to find a stone door. Tagen opens it to a room with two zombie beholders
the rest of party takes care of the creature in front of them
Then Bee and Xiong pry open the bars on the cage
Tehy get to us and help with these two beholders, Xiong found a chest hidden after room was clear
Moving forward in the dungeon party continues on and finds two very large Umber Hulks
Damn that was some awesome team work
Came across x2 Ogre & 1 troll, 1 Otyugh
FInally done with the dungeon 100% cleared

Left the icky dungeon, planted some new trees and Bee did plant grow so they are more plentiful
Moving forward party meets 4 elven warhorses that ran away, Bee talked to them and got them to go with us back to the farm in exchange for planting trees on the farm
Party was jumped by a Vrock the demon did not win, was summoned by a goblin trying to be a wizard
Met a traveling merchant woman, party bought a couple things
Party was ambushed by Humanoid attackers x4 they seemed to be going after Dramorn dang it we almost lost him.

Heading to town was ambused by bandits, we ran with our lives intact. Enter Innegroth major town. Tagen gets his armor, return horses except for one that Bee gets to keep as reward.

Party ambushed 1/3 of a bandit party killed all but 3. gained some money and magic objects. Tagen and Highstriker went on a date. Statt has returned with more info about the rest of the bandits. We hire a few mercenaries to join us with our trap to lure about 1/2 of 50 bandits. So then we can attack the main base.

Party left to be bait to draw out some bandits. Plan is a successthey found us and we are kicking ass and taking numbers.

We were successful at baiting half of the bandit party in the woods. It was a long fight was 18 bandits one got away. They killed one of our wagon horses, but Statt’s associats will give us a new one. Tagen brought back more ears.

The party took careful thought in making a plan to go after the rest of the bandits. Party heads out to known bandit camp. After what seems like our plan going to poop and losing, Xiong was able to take down the leader who was killing our friends. We turned the tide and barely won the battle taking 2 prisonersm the leader and an archer.

After looting the bandit camp and burning it we headed back to town. on the way we were met by a group of royal guards led by Warden Ellsindor to lead us back to town. Faye Queen has lost her mind and then disappeared. made it back to town.

we are getting ready to hit the road toward Faye lands to find out what has happened to the Queen. as party leaves the town they are encountered by an archer and swordsman who want to join our party for the right price.

As the party rests for the first night back on the road, they are attacked by bears and a wearbear. After the battle the werebear turns back into an old high elf druid. The next day party meets a male who points us in the way of a witch’s hut. party checks it out. Bee and Tagen burns the hut down. During the night glowing eyes followed by sounds of wings watching us. Xiong makes magnificent breakfast.

After burning the evil temple party continues down the road. Party meets a couple and is warned about a green dragon down the road. Tagen gives 10G while Xiong gives them 200G. Party moves on and sees signs about the dragon. Party makes bear jerky and warns passerbys about the dragon. Party comes across body parts some of them are those brave adventures who said they got this. Clearly they didn’t have it. Party is in pursuit of the dragon

Party found th green dragon and dispatched of it. Almost lost Tagenin the process.

Party moves on and hears a voice in the woods in need of help. once found saw a dwarf in a well. He travels to the town with us. During the night was attacked by centaurs. In the morning Tagens bird returns with news that highstriker is now a knight. Tagen was scolded for going out without permission however was aproved after. Party finally makes it to Yfa Thalas.

Party pays Arl and Zennicus. Party splits up Bee almost died chasing shadow figure. Merlara is in town. Party meets a divioner points party to a warehouse to find info about Averill or about the crown in danger of the gems being stolen. Party finds out neither are there. In the morning the party splits up. Xiong and Tagen go to the castle to find some info. Bee, Dramorn, Highstirker and Foster went to the divioner. In order for us to pay for her help we have to steal a book from some guy who has dared her to take it anyway. Highstriker was upset over this and went to find Tagen. Bee and Dramorn headed to the Place where the book was at. The other party follows them to stop them. While bickering amongst each other Bee and Foster snuck away. Dramorn tells the party he has no idea where she went (or does he). Bee and Foster is on their own, while the rest in on there way to the castle.

Dramorn manages to sneak away from the rest of the party to meet up with Bee. Bee entered the house and some weird shit is happening. Tagen, Xiong and Highstriker track where Dramorn and Bee went off to. Bee was the first to go into the house while Foster was to scared to go in after her as she disappeared thro the door. Dramorn showed up and Foster showed him where Bee went thro but again didnt go thro the door. Dramorn had entered the house but was suprised to find staircases going in all directions that they shouldnt be going in. He could see Bee however had no idea how to get to her. Mean while the rest have made it to the house. Tagen uses the rope to tie around his waist and on a tree before going in. He grabs Foster and carries him with thro the door with Xiong right behind. They all finally end up on the same staircase and find the right door to go in but cant get to it. Just as it seemed hopeless Tagen had a crazy thought when the path seems like you should take the stairs thats when you should walk on the walls instead lol. .Thats just what he did to was walk on the walls to get to the door. Once open we could see a room thro the door. in this new room was what looked like a study with 3 clocks around and fruit. It took some real thinking but we were able to figure out how to get out of that room with the help of the fruit and clocks. The wizard greeted us in the next room and let us just take the book since we were some of the few who ever reach the top floor. after taking the book back to the diviner we found out what the numbers ment. They were the code the military was using to hide where the crown was at. After taking all of our info we could to the Duke we were on our own to save the crown.

Dramorn and Tagen went to a shopw to talk to a guy they saw in a window. They went in the wrong door and met a dark shadowy figure person thing who threatens our group if we keep getting in the way. With only 2 of us there had me wonder who it was and what it was doing here, It burned his chest that was invisable. As it left it threatened the grou[ and our loved ones then disappeared.

Dramorn used the “Statt” coin to get info about Blackened Rose Guild.They know about our group and have black listed us to other shady ppl. The person lady gave me her coin to sell the info about the tunnels to her for a good price no ones knows. Bee got kidnapped and we are on our way to save her now. Xiong talked to the monks and has gotten them to follow anyone who steals the crown.

All but Bee walk up to a bar in a tree looking for Bee. 4 memebers meet group outside of the bar to stpp them. That didnt go well for them as 3 died. One told us about a door into the tree. Group goes to door and meet another group howeer was able to talk them into looking the other way so group could enter. Bee met an important person who tried to bribe Bee to swap the crownout for a fake. She said no thanks and the guy left, Bee is walking around trying to find group to leave or find the tunnel.

Party starts looking upstairs for the way out. They run into a small group of 3 gaurds from blackened rose and found where the stairs were. Continued up and find a trap door and Bee almost feel down. Come to a door and hear Guards once they leave we open door and follow. Tagen had to sneeze and we ducked into a room that was a trap cage. We told them who we were but not til the watch command showed up were we let out. We helped them search and found antoher stairwell, a hidyhole, and a room. We were escorted out and went back to our Inn. The next dawn was the corniationa d eerything went just fine.

The Duke sent for us the day after the corination to reward us for saving the crown. We got 1K gold and a awesome magicmissle wand. Party spent the day gathering supplies and securring the wagon at the monks temple. once done party was ready to embark towards the Faye lands once again. On the second day party came across 8 fiends.

It took the party a little bit, but was able to defeat the 8 faye/fiends. Looks like they might hae been trying to make an Infernal Tree Ent. Glad we stopped that. The rest of the day was just fine. On the 2nd night first watch we were attacked by orcs and won like the badass adventures we are. Booya

Morning on our next day kept going was a good day. First watch again something happened ugh. Party is attacked by panther looking things with tentacles coming out of their backs. Party killed all displacer beasts, it took a little bit to kill them. I dont like those things at all. Next morning party continues on their way. Midday party finds a trail that leads to a building with 2 boxes that are rigged to blow. The second box had money yay. At the end of the 5th day, party encounters x3 purple giant scorpins. AH FUCK. Party was VICTORIUS WOOHOO.

Party is on day 7. As we look for a place to camp, we hear voices in the forest. Upon further investigation, we find an orc party about to boil 5 huminoids alive. We battle for their lives.

Party picks up a new member to aid in finding the Queen. His name is Torbj`on and is an amazing ranger. After a few days of travel and getting to know our new friend Tor, Tagen and Tor found the Faye Keep. We made camp just outside the keep and left the horse’s with Arl and Zenicus. As we approaced the Keep, we heard more scorpins ahead. Party is quickly dispatching with all the creatures coming at us as we approach the Keep.

Party is still engaged with lots of enemies. Party has come out victorious.

Party moved north towards the ravine. Tor suggested a rope bridge as Xiong jumped across. After the party was across, Tor shot an arrow with an Earthquake cypher attachted towards a group of bad guys. Success they are distracted so party can move closer to the door. Sadly they saw us so Bee threw a Baboon to distract them to run in the door. Door in and closed. Party splits to explore. Bee & Xiong find trouble. Party comes to rescue. Party kills elemental and Imp in kitchen. Party collects food rations. Searched pantry found foos. Next room has several imps that we vanquished to be conti….

Party is still going threw the Keep. Have encountered a few imps, mechanical beings. Party has found a trap door in one of the rooms. They have also found out if you pull the purple crystals from the foreheads, it turns back to normal willed creature.

Party goes down the trap door to find a staircase going down to water. Dramorn uses a cypher of waterbreathing that lasts 24hrs. Dramorn, Xiong and Tagen scouted ahead in the water and killed a bunch of fish creatures. Tagen follows the current and finds a long tunnel that might be the way out. Dramorn moves the other way with the current Tagen follows. Tagen walks into a room with 6 fish creatures waiting. With Xions help he takes care of a couple when a Hag jumps out and attacks them. The Hag frightens Xiong while Tagen just vaporized the bitch. Xiong heads back for Air. 5 fish creatures surrendered of sorts after that lol. Dramorn takes out 4 fish creatures and sees Tagen being lead by the arm by one of the fish creatures. what the fuck is going on I guess ill follow. Dramorn follows them to a dead end. The fishman touches a brick up top and a secret door opens. Tagen moves in the lil room and Dramorn sees an old chest and instantly wants all of it for himself. He moves in the lil room turning his back as well on the fishman. With both of us in the room the fishman closes the door on them and the rope gets cut. Xiong makes it back in time to learm they are trapped with no way outand 23 hrs of air left.


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