In the Gods' Wake

Tagen's Journal 7/30/17
...What I remember
  • Waiting in castle, decided to read books on military history; Learned of history of wars with fey and how they used elite fighters proficient at everything, known as Eladarin.
  • Xiong and Bee in closet overhear Duke talking about us doing something dangerous.
  • Duke wants us to find whose trying to steal the crown, told us to start with the poor.
  • Poor quarter in ground section of the city.
  • Cistrinia investigates bar, Dramorn and I investigate guy in window, Xiong and Bee go for the guy in the shadows.
  • Me and Dramorn go into shop, kinda sketchy, with rooms above the shop.
  • Shopkeep told us first room, Crazy evil looking dude wearing all black leathers knew shit about us and told us to leave.
  • Went to next room with a young elf dude cowering in a corner he didn’t anything
Tagen's Journal 7/23/17
...What I remember
  • Bee’s bard friend shows up for dinner, all in same day of the fight.
  • 4 of them, main dude kills it singing, 2 normal, 1 shitty.
  • Dukes crown strong magic that shots fireballs and increases longevity.
  • Finish talking with bard &friends , me, Cistrina, and Dramorn go and check on house where it started and was clear.
  • Go to bed finally!
  • Got up for breakfast, runner from the Duke who is the getting the crown, delivered message requesting us to meet the duke.
  • Talking with the duke about all of the problem with coronation 2 days away
  • Turn out all the code we were trying to understand were the codes to unlock the magic around the crown and Dramorn burned them all.
  • Duke let us stay in the castle.
Tagen's Journal 7/9/17
...What I remember (Those don't look like Paladins)
  • Killed doppleganger party of us
  • Cistrinia and I went back to hotel to sleep
  • Everyone else went to guards with 3 of the bodies interrogated one didn’t get any info.
  • Problem; seems to be something to have to do with their mistress taking over
  • Party taking Mimic things to jail.
  • Party get to barracks, story building young elfs training
  • Put shapeshifters in holding cell
  • Met Olorayne Despatch, “the Third Fury” head of barracks, lord cpt., purple uniform. BA MOFO
  • Olorayne has been to the Underdark.
  • Shapeshifter guy named Lyrax likes Xiong
  • Lyraxes peoples’ wanted to replace real duke with of them.
  • shapeshifters lord is sucking the fey queens magic from her through the crystal.
  • Super Evil Guy* Cistrinia and I meet up with rest of group talking in zone of truth.
  • Let Lyrax go
  • Went to Alarias to check on code she was trying to decipher and some magic protection knocked her out.
  • Code she Manged go get:
    4.8.4 – a set of scales
    3-3-5 fire in a row
    6-1-3 1 3 – banners waving
  • To save fey queen we have to kill lord of shapeshifters
Tagen's Journal 7/2/17
...What I remember
  • In shope with Dramorn and Cistrinia, Bee showed up
  • Went to second floor with them something felt off…
  • Bee & Dramorn were Dopplegangers. Hid him in fake staircase after cutting his hand off.
  • Me and Cistrinia hiding, party trying to find us.
  • Found stuff in mimic: 2600CP, 700SP, 90GP, leather talisman, rabbit fur talisman, pewter pin, leather shoes, dagger, sling )_*fancy Sling guaranteed to drop any Goliath.
  • Found party trying to disguise as me and Cistrinia and dopplegangers of all of us, showed up in alley and don’t want us to mess around with there plans.
Tagen's Journal 6/25/17
...What I remember


  1. Trying figure out clocks in guys office.
  2. Made it through clock room
  3. Go down hidden passage behind fire place, got through pulley room ; bitch platfroms.
  4. Got backs to Alarias with book
  5. Cistrinia and I are going to castle, Bee and Xiong are going out, so is Dramorn.
  6. Instead of going to castle, me and Cistrina go on date with “DANGER” (ROLLED A 20)
  7. Copies of me and Cistrinia murdered a street performer, guards saw us and started chasing us.
  8. Hid in backroom in alley and found Dramorn while on guard.
Tagen's Journal 5/21/17
...What I remember
  • Bee disappeared, still trying to steal the book
  • Crazy wizard guy has MC Escher mansion that Alaria wanted us to get book from
  • went in with Xiong and Foster on a Rope
  • Met up with Dramorn and Bee heard super loud roar
  • Killed chain devil in crazy room by walking on the walls
  • Can see exit door and gold door
  • Gold Clock at 9 O’clock
  • Obsidian clock in desk, can put something on it at 11:05
  • Grandfather clock that goes at half time at 4:30
  • Room scared Dramorn
  • Door permanently locked before us.
  • Tried finding secret door by taking books off bookshelf and found a trapped book and dudes voiced laughed at us
Tagen's Journal 5/14/17
...What I remember
  • Thieves Guild is chill
  • Apparently they work for the guard
  • They don’t know anything about the crown.
  • Bee went down a hole in a the tree that the warehouse was on and found a camp of rouges with a note that she doesn’t understand.
  • Mysterious code: 484 3-3-5 6-1-3-1-3
    Head dude at tree warehouse, Sgt. Goldleaf
  • 6 days away from coronation, warning about crown with Xiong
  • Sgt.Goldleaf cool guy, knows more than he is letting on… says we should go to the Barracks and go to Castle after
  • Alaria wants book from guy and wants Bee and Dramorn to steal it.
  • Cistrina, Xiong, and I trying to stop them, from stealing the book
Tagen's Journal 4/9/17
...What I remember


  • Morning, on road to Yfa Thalas
    *4 figurenns of human, dwarf, fey, and “cat creature” in grotesque postures set in marble, SUPER EVIL. Look like parade pole bearers figureheads
  • went down overgrown path to Evil Cathedral, fought phase spiders. Feels super evil
  • Before this…
  • Saw smoke in distance when started travel and found attached caravan saw tracks of what look liked a winged beast.
  • In Cathedral Books of Blasphemy cistrina and dramorn and I burned it down.
Tagen's Journal 5/7/17
...What I remember
  • Bee is Dieing!
  • Get to diviners house to try to figure out who killed bee and who stole Allegens money
  • Gil is the bad guy
  • Thieves guild led by Gil
  • Going to steal CROWN
  • Alaria is the diviner really hot elf
  • Go back to Alarias LVL 10 Diviner
  • 10 gp per hour for her services
  • Searching warehouse with Thieves guild
  • Looking for Avaril
  • Me and Cistrina, Foster and Alana (Bees friend) wait outside warehouse.
  • Quiet team: Bee, Xiong, Dramorn
Tagen's Journal 4/30/17
...What I remember
  • Yfa Thallas made up of 48 trees, buildings look like mushrooms along the sides of the trees stairs, walkways, large outgrowths of buildings
  • Cut toe nails to get giants strength
  • Fey lands around five days away from Yfa Thallas, wherever it is, it is hidden by magic and evil pixies.

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